About The Renewable Source

Photo by Mark Nemenzo / Unsplash

About Me

My name is Stephen Donnelly, and I am from Massachusetts but currently residing in Denver Colorado!

I graduated college with a degree in Environmental Studies and sustainability, and have always known that I wanted to do something to help protect our environment and fight climate change.

I am currently working for Enel X North America, a company that works in demand response, which helps reduce energy usage when the grid is under a lot of stress. This helps to prevent blackouts and the creation of more fossil fuel plants, and it will be a great tool in the transition to more sustainable energy sources.

About the Page

I decided to start this website to document my thoughts and reactions to media on the topic of climate change and the environment. There is a lot of content on this topic, both fiction and non-fiction, and it is easy to get lost in the details or to get overwhelmed with the information. I wanted to breakdown this content for viewers, as well as providing my own insights to what each piece of media brings to the table. I hope to update weekly with a variety of sources for my content, rather than focusing just on one medium (i.e movies, books, or articles).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!